A sampling of some of the hundreds of labels that were used on axes. The axe in the left photo has been etched. The axe in the right photo bears a paper label. The examples shown include originals and facsimiles redrawn for identification purposes.
YesteryearsTools is an Internet Magazine that concentrates on hand tools, the toolmakers and the tool distributors that operated mostly between the mid-1800s and mid to late-1900s. Particular attention centers upon the markings and labels of such makers and distributors, specifically those that can be classified as manufacturers and/or major distributors. In some situations individual makers, such as blacksmiths and certain retailers, may also be topics for discussion. Other articles will concentrate on nomenclature, variety and the diversity of design for certain tools. Under no circumstances are these parameters considered to be restrictions but they do constitute the primary focus of this magazine.
    Although the emphasis is on American tools and concerns, those falling into similar categories that were made or operated in other countries are also of interest. More specifically, we eventually expect to also discuss axe manufacturers from Canada, Australia, England and some European countries. Included will be an overview along with representations and depictions of the markings and labels that various axe and edge tool companies used.
   Attention will concentrate on articles related to manufacturers and wholesale hardware concerns that dealt with hand tools and axes. Trades and occupations that utilized such tools will also be discussed. One might expect to read about something to do with the logging or lumbering industries and the hand tools associated with those activities. Woodworking, lumbering and logging trades and occupations share the primary focus but a spectrum of subjects related to the shop and the farm are also intended to be included in this undertaking.
   How long this undertaking will continue and how diverse it will become will only be determined as time goes by. As of this posting the web site has been available for over five years. The interaction to date has been quite rewarding so the site will continue for at least another year, hopefully longer. Evaluation is a continuing undertaking. Whatever the case, the undertaking is intended to share the rich heritage of our relatively recent past in regard to hand tools, those who made them and how they were marked.
Qualifier and Clarifier: The information and graphics included herein have been gathered from numerous sources including but not limited to scholarly research, Internet research, observations, photographs and a number of individual contributions. In many cases the graphics are drawings based on original artifacts, field sketches, photo reproductions and/or component portions cobbled together to form an approximation of what an original may have actually looked like.
Any and all copyrighted materials are the property of the individual copyright owners. The original writings and original graphics are the copyrighted property of the originators. Yesteryears Tools and its creators make no claim to proprietary rights to such materials other than where the writings and graphics have been created by the author and/or illustrator associated with Yesteryears Tools.
In most cases the illustrations and/or the photos have been created by the author of the articles and are copyrighted. Proper permission is required from the author and/or illustrator before reuse, reproduction or other use is undertaken. Proper credits are required in such a situation. Permission should be requested whenever reuse is intended or desired.
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    The “Spokeshave Book” is still available. The full name is Manufactured and Patented Spokeshaves & Similar Tools. Written and published by Thomas C. Lamond, it is the most comprehensive book on spokeshaves available. The book includes 450+ pages of photographs, illustrations and information on spokeshave types, styles, manufacturers and patentees and more. Great for identification purposes.
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ARTICLES IN BOOKLETS:    Some booklets have been reprinted and are again available. They concentrate on individual companies or groups of companies. Many include information on purveyors as well as manufacturers.
The booklet on “PHILADELPHIA AXE MANUFACTURERS” also has a related article that is associated with the Plumb Company and another on the Beatty Edge Tool Makers.
The “MANN” booklet includes an article on the Lincoln Axe.
The booklet “AXE MANUFACTURERS and AXE PURVEYORS in INDIANA, MICHIGAN and OHIO” includes a short discussion on the Michigan axe pattern.  
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